Heavily and directly influenced by music(ians), graphic design and basketball, my work has evolved around quite interesting human beings and has therefore spread in diverse directions throughout the years. Without ever feeling the need of choosing a certain niche, I’m happy to say, my work has naturally developed towards the people and subjects I enjoy working with the most. Living and creating in such a brisk environment, pushing my imagery towards a „Bigger Picture“ has become the main goal. Never stagnant, but always honest and authentic. I’m Johannes Roth, 23 years old and currently living in Berlin, Germany. Say hi.

friends, clients & publications: 
Basketball Bundesliga // FIBA // Basketball Champions League // telekombasketball.de // Dilated Peoples // Evidence //  Young Guru // Fashawn // Mass Appeal Records // Strong Arm Steady // Spiegel Online // MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg // RegioTV // Basketball.de // ABCBD.CH // PassionPassport // Berliner Fenster // Duck Down Music // Valentine // Aaaron // Smif-N-Wessun // Masta Ace  // GALV // The Doppelgangaz // Illa J // Devin The Dude // Palace Lounge Entertainment // Subotage Entertainment // Out 4 Fame // BIG Basketball // Sortra // Preussenquelle // Eberle // The Funky Junky // ...

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